The Factory
By working directly with the factory, we are able to cut out the middleman and lower the cost of the shoes. This also enable us to have better control on the quality and details of the shoes, from the selection of leathers right down to the finishing of the shoes.

The factory at a glance

No. of employees
Guangdong, China
Redefining the norm
After 6 months of careful sourcing for the right factory, we finally found one that shares our vision. By working directly with the right factory, we are able to create shoes that we are proud to call our own and sell them straight to you at a fair and honest price.
Made with heart
Each pair of shoe takes 38 hours to make, from scratch. From cutting of the leathers to hand lasting the shoes, each process involves various techniques that not only requires vigorous labor, but also patience
and a lot of passion.
What this means for you?
By employing factories of the highest standards, we are committed to
bringing you only the best shoes with the most value for money.
A pair of quality shoes at a fair and honest price, always.
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