Our Leathers
Handpicked, full-grain leathers
To ensure that our shoes are strong and long lasting, we use only full-grain calf leathers. Not only are they more durable, the natural surface of full grain leather shows character and beautifies with age. All our leathers have been carefully sourced and handpicked in China to provide the best value we can to you.
Our Lasts
What defines a shoe
We believe the last and silhouette of our shoes is one of the most important factor that sets us apart. Both our current chiseled square & smart round lasts took months to perfect before being placed into production. They are sculpted to form a more structured profile that provides poise and modern elegance.
Cemented Construction
All our shoes are made using the cemented construction. Not only does it reduce the overall cost of the shoes, it can last for a long time if cared for properly. Our shoes are also made with rubber soles which makes resoling affordable and readily available.
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