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Behind every brand lies an untold story of choices and sacrifices. The unyielding choice to pursue it every single day; to be bold enough to bring your ideas to the world. That’s what we are all about – #BeBold

We were two youths with our lives carved out for us. Yet, one of us took a gap year in university, and the other left behind two businesses. All this, just to chase an idea. Time and time again, failed prototypes nearly depleted all our life savings. Rejections and naysayers added to our already dwindling spirits. There were two choices: to fall back on what is certain or to continue to venture into the unknown. Looking back, it might have seemed foolish to listen to our inner voice and take the leap of faith. But this is how BOW was born.

Why BOW:

A bow is a flexible arc that shoots arrows through a tensioned string. Anything worthwhile has grit behind it. The tension in the bow is the tenacity that you must have to last through the journey. Just like how the energy from the bow is transferred to the flight of the arrow, we envision propelling you forward through our gear.

You are the arrow. Make your shot count.