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Created in Singapore, to co-founders Travis, Leon and Isa – BOLDR was founded to create active urban wear watches and apparel for the men and women traversing the urban outdoors around us. BOLDR creates products that assist and enhance the lives of those who put them on – blending the perfect balance of style, form and function.

BOLDR is a brand of activewear for the urban adventurers around the world, connecting people through the spirit of adventure. BOLDR is about making the world a bolder and better place through the #BeBOLDR movement - so let BOLDR be part of your journey.

Someone who puts on a BOLDR product is a part of the #BeBOLDR movement – a movement for those who seek adventure in life. Those who wear BOLDR are those who enjoy all types of outdoors – from the wild jungles abroad to the urban jungles at home. BOLDR products are for those who live an active lifestyle, who search for adventure in their everyday lives. BOLDR wearers are stylish but prefer a bit of function with their form.

BOLDR connects you by making you a part of the #BeBOLDR movement, where nothing should hold you back from experiencing the adventure in life. Whether you’re climbing mountain peaks or exploring the urban jungle, let BOLDR be a part of your next adventure.