How it all started
Earnest & Collective is built on honesty, modern convenience and the passion to make great quality shoes affordable for the everyday man.
Like most of you, we could only choose between upmarket brands that overcharge and mass-market brands that skimp on quality. We knew there had to be a better way to provide affordable shoes without sacrificing on quality.
The Big Difference
By working directly with factories and operating online, we are able to completely remove middlemen and wholesalers mark-ups. This enables us to provide quality shoes at a fair price.
Quality Shoes
We care deeply about our shoes and we take great efforts to ensure each of them are carefully designed and constructed. From designing the last of the shoes to hand-colouring them, we take each step of the shoemaking process seriously to ensure a well-made pair of shoes are delivered to you.
In essence, Earnest & Collective is;
Great Shoes at Honest Prices.

Let us show you a better shoe that doesn't hurt your wallet.
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