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Why Are My Leather Shoes Creasing?

By Earnest Collective
09 May 2019

There is no such thing as crease-free leather.

Contrary to popular belief, creasing on leather shoes are not an indicator of a leather's quality. When it comes to creasing, no leather shoes are spared.

While certain sources of leather tend to have natural wrinkles and crease more than others (i.e. belly, shoulder), the degree of creasing is usually due more to the shoe's last and model, the size of the foot wearing it, the maintenance of the shoe, among other reasons.

Creases form over time as the leather folds and bends with the movement of the foot. Just like how wrinkle lines form on our face over time as we smile, leather shoes crease in areas of high tension and wear. It tends to be more prominent in shoes which are constructed of lesser pieces of leather as compared to shoes which are constructed of multiple pieces. Hence, a wholecut oxford is likely to crease the most, versus a full or semi-cap toe brogue, due to the single leather piece being stretched more compared to separate pieces of leather in a brogue.

Is there any way to prevent my shoes from creasing?

Creases are part and parcel of owning and wearing a pair of leather shoes. There is no way to actually prevent them from creasing; but there are ways we can maintain the nap of the leather and reduce the amount of creases. This helps the leather age gracefully with its wrinkles and creases - making it a pair that's truly yours.

  • Use a shoe horn when wearing your shoes

Using a shoe horn when putting on your shoes helps to prevent wear-and-tear damage to the shoe's heel counter. Alleviating the stress on the shoe's heel prevents damage to the leather, hence preventing creases especially to the rear.

(Image Credits: Shoe & Watch Repair)

  • Using shoe trees to maintain the shoe's structure and interior

Cedar shoe trees are wonderful tools and an absolute must-have in every shoe lover's arsenal. Not only do they absorb moisture and odour left in the shoe after wearing, they help to maintain the structure of the shoe and keep its shape. This maintains both the leather exterior and interior of the shoe, reducing creases from forming.

  • Periodic cleaning and polishing

Dry leather cracks and creases easily. Try using a brush to clean off any dirt or grit before using shoe polish wax/paste/cream to moisturise the leather - this will help to keep the leather supple and healthy, reducing potential creases that could be 'locked in' due to dryness.

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This article was made with reference and guidance from The Shoe Snob. Check out their original post over here.

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