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By Earnest Collective
09 May 2019

Wearing a suit in Singapore can be a nightmare with our warm and wet weather – but it need not be. Need to suit up for work in general or an important interview? Or perhaps you’re an undergraduate, needing to suit up for a presentation even after a long day of classes. Here’s a guide on options for linen suits in Singapore.

Why linen?

Linen suits are ideal for formal wear in the summer – breathable and comfortable, its cooling properties will ensure that moisture is absorbed and released quickly (as compared to wool or cotton) so you don’t look like a sweaty mess. Lightweight yet durable, it leaves you feeling fresh and looking sleek throughout the day.

       1. Moss Bros.

      Ranging from S$107 to S$367, Moss Bros. offers a variety of linen suits with various colours and price points. Check out their range of colours and fit below:

           2. H&M

          Trendy, accessible and affordable, H&M offers linen blazers at S$119 as well as linen trousers at S$54.95.

               3. Oxford (from Zalora)

              Listed on Zalora, Oxford offers linen blazers from S$99 to S$129, an extremely inexpensive option with free shipping within Singapore guaranteed (with purchases above $40).

                   4. ASOS

                  Another popular option for online shoppers, ASOS similarly lists skinny linen blazers at the lowest price seen yet – $88.16. Of course, alongside its own brand, ASOS has linen blazers from other retailers available as well.

                       5. Hockerty

                      More known for personalised suits, Hockerty ships globally and offers a range of ready-made linen suits as well, from S$269 to S$366.

                           6. Want to customise your own linen suit?

                          Here are some options to find your perfect fit:

                          SG Tailor Made <>

                          Common Suits <>

                          Tailor Store <>

                          Red Dot Bespoke <>

                          Stitched Customs <>

                          Whether it be ready-made suits or tailored ones, there’s a huge range of linen suits out there in retailers and online stores – explore and pick what suits you! It is probably worth investing in at least one linen suit to cater to the heat in our sunny island.

                          Post by Yeo Wei Li

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