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Shoe Care

Suede: The Wear & Care

By Earnest Collective
09 May 2019

Made from the inner layer of calfskin and treated through a sanding process, suede is manufactured to be luxuriously smooth and soft. Yet, many often steer away from suede, believing suede to be difficult to maintain.

This could not be further from the truth - suede shoes are actually the easiest type of shoes to maintain. No need for waxing or polishing; with proper care, your pair of suede shoes can look great for years to come and grow handsomely with age.

Caring for Suede

While liquids and dirt can often cause a suede shoe to look dirty and damaged, with the right tools and proper care, suede is actually incredibly easy to care for and maintain!

Shoe Trees

An essential piece in shoe care, shoe trees help to prolong the lifespan of your shoes by absorbing moisture build up (think: sunny humid Singapore) and maintaining the shape of the shoe by smoothing out creases and wrinkles.

Suede Brush


The most important tool to have if you own a pair of suedes is a suede brush. Using a suede brush with soft bristles regularly to clean and care for your suede shoes helps remove accumulated debris and maintain the nap of the suede. When caring for liquid stains, dry the shoes fully by patting it with a cloth before using a suede brush to brush the nap of the suede.


As can be seen from the above before-after images, the regular use of a suede brush can help reinvigorate the natural nap of suede shoes and keep them looking clean and healthy! Additionally, to prevent future liquid damage, try using a water or stain repellent after brushing!

Water/stain repellents

Treating your suede shoes with water/stain repellents after brushing helps to provide an initial protective layer. Tarrago’s NanoProtector is one such product; a waterproofing agent with nanotechnology that provides an impregnable waterproof barrier without affecting the look and feel of the shoe fabric. Usable on all materials from leather to suede to nubuck – use a repellent today to protect your precious shoes from liquid stains!

However, note that the effects of such products wear off over time and are not a permanent solution. Continue to care for your suede shoes with a suede brush for best results!

The Earnest & Collective Suede Range

The Preston


Fancy a little different in your wardrobe? Try the Preston – a timeless semi-brogue made of cow suede and calf lining with a rounded profile that strikes the perfect balance between being noteworthy and refined. Perfect for business casual, the Preston finally lets you get away with wearing the same shoes every day.

The Bolton


Smart? Casual? Why not both? Constructed of cow suede and calf lining with a fiddleback waist, the Bolton is a classy string loafer perfect for any occasion for the modern man.

The Parker


Say goodbye to sloppy flip-flops – a classic driving loafer, Parker is your ultimate companion for a casual day out. Parker’s fully-covered rubber outsole prevents water seepage while flex grooves provide great flexibility and comfort.

A different kind of classy. Up your shoe game today with suedes and more at Earnest & Collective!

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