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Socks or No Socks?

By Earnest Collective
09 May 2019

Do people even wear socks anymore?

One of the most polarizing trends in men's fashion as of late, going sockless is experiencing a resurgence, especially in humid, sunny Singapore. Yet, as the old adage goes - there's a time and place for everything. Depending on the style of shoe as well as the occasion, here's when and how we should prep for each look!


Strict rule of thumb: For formalwear and business attire, socks are an absolute must to avoid looking sloppy and disrespectful. Beyond that however, socks are wonderful as an accessory to tie an outfit together or showcase one's individuality.

While a general guideline would be to match the colour/pattern of your socks to pieces of your outfit (i.e. shirt, pants, handkerchief), there are essentially no hard and fast rules - anything goes!

Earnest & Collective has collaborated with Freshly Pressed Socks to bring you socks for any and every occasion. Check them out here!


Going sockless without looking overly-shoddy is no easy feet feat mind you - it's a look best suited for casual attires or smart casual pieces. Best paired with loafers, espadrilles, low-cut sneakers, oxfords...the list goes on! Going sockless is all about keeping things casual yet classy.

However, going sockless all the time isn't the way to roll either. It could bring some really unwanted unpleasantries like sweaty feet and a bad smell. Here are some ways to combat these problems and still rock the sockless look:

  • No-show socks: Rather than totally going sockless, how about investing in a few pairs of no-show socks instead? They help to absorb the moisture from your feet over a long day and prevent the stench that comes with it while also preventing blisters!
  • Powders & shoe sprays: Regularly going sockless can build up moisture and bacteria in your shoes which lead to stink and breakdown of the inner of the shoe. Using odour-eliminating products will help keep both your feet and your shoes fresh and healthy!
  • Shoe trees: Using shoe trees help to absorb moisture from the shoes after a long day of use, preventing moisture buildup from altering the shape of the shoe and keeping the shape of the shoe in place!

Be it oxfords or brogues, socks or no socks...Earnest & Collective's got a pair for everyone! Check out the full collection over here today!

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