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Nail Your Officewear To Beat The Blazing Heat

By Earnest Collective
09 May 2019

Although it may be Springtime in the other parts of the world right now, in Singapore, we face Summer all year round and things can get a little sticky sometimes. The question of how to tackle the growing heat, coupled with an ever-so-slightly air-conditioned office, is certainly a tricky one. However, despite the warm weather, feeling comfortable in the heat isn’t something that has to be reserved only for the weekends.

#1 Embrace Natural Fabrics 
In order to keep your body cool throughout the day, your attire needs to be breathable.  You should stick to gauze cotton, linen blends, or any other form of natural fibre with a minimum of synthetics. Consider opting for an unlined cotton blend suit into your workwear rotation as it is definitely a well worth consideration for its more breathable merits. Just ensure that your suit has been ironed or steamed. Silk blends are a luxurious option worth considering if your budget will stretch to it.

#2 Play With Colours
With temperatures blazing in full force, you can opt for lighter colours while maintaining stylish and professional. There's no doubt that Jet Black or other darker colours look more formal, however, it is also going to absorb the surrounding heat. Experiment with a few workwear pieces in colours such as light grey and khaki for a start before switching out your entire wardrobe. It's all about experimenting and figuring out what works best for you without compromising comfort and professionalism.  

#3 Back To Basics 
In order to complement your suits, you should also keep your collared shirts lightweight to prevent overheating. If you have a tendency to sweat a lot under the piercing sun, consider an undershirt to absorb any sweat that appears during the day. We've tried Uniqlo's Airism range and it does actually feel more well-ventilated and cooling. 

#4 Let Loose
No, we're not suggesting baggy clothes. We do suggest good tailoring, however, if you don't have that option available, the least you could do is aim for classic or regular-fit clothing. It does not have to have the perfect measurements to fit, but it should hang off your frame instead of being skintight. It's all about the air-flow. 

#5 Optional Emergency Kit
No matter the boiling hot weather, it is not an excuse to get sloppy.  You have to be well groomed and put together. To prepare for days that feel like it's 40 degrees, consider keeping an SOS Kit stashed away in your office drawer. You can include a vial of cologne, a travel sized deodorant and even face and body wipes when things just get a little out of hand and sweaty.

How do you stay cool in the sweltering weather? :)

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