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How To Style Brogues

By Earnest Collective
09 May 2019

Easily distinguishable from its perforated patterns, brogue shoes were originally workwear shoes for men in Ireland and Scotland but it has evolved over the years into a versatile style of footwear which can be worn both casually and formally. If you've always had trouble pairing these shoes, this post is one you shouldn't miss!

1. Full Brogues

What are they? Full brogues consist of a wing cap brogue and perforated punching on its cap, vamp, facing, quarter and counter and with some designs, a toe medallion (as pictured above). It is the shoe with the most perforations.  If you're looking for a fancy footwear option with detailed patterns, this is the one for you, however, if you're going for a black tie event, it is recommended to go for a more classy style of shoes with less detailing.

2. Semi Brogues

Also known as half-brogues, are great if you're looking for a smart casual option. The semi-brogue is characterised by a toe cap with decorative punched detailing and serrations along the toe cap edges and in the centre of the cap. The semi-brogues are commonly found in the business industry as they are slightly more formal than full-brogues.

3. Quarter Brogues

Quarter brogues are defined by their straight toe cap with decorative detailing along the cap’s edge, but nothing in the middle of the toe cap. As with the half brogue, quarter brogues are a popular choice for work wear. As they have less detailing, they are suitable for formal wear.

4. Colours and how to match them

Light Brown/Tan - Goes perfectly well with navy suiting
Oxblood/Dark Oak - Pair it with navy or charcoal
Black - Best with black or charcoal

If you're going to a formal event, it is recommended to avoid garish colours and opt for classic colours like black or dark oak instead.

5. Suede or Leather

Traditionally, brogues are made from calf leather, however, with new modern interpretations, it now comes in a wide variation of materials. If you're pairing your brogue shoes with a business suit, you should opt for the classic calf leather to accentuate the sophisticated cut of your suit. However, if you're pairing it with a casual attire, you can opt for materials such as suede.

How do you usually match your brogues to your outfit? Share them in the comment section below! :)

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