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Earnest's Top 5 - Essential Shirts

By Earnest Collective
09 May 2019

Whether you’re changing up your style or just starting to build a shirt collection, there aren’t many choices out there for you to choose from. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t enough options out there. Certain pieces are some you simply can’t do without, while others provide a unique look to help you stand out from the crowd. A fresh white dress shirt is a must-have, but it should not be the only shirt in your wardrobe.

  1. The dress shirt
  • Changing up your work wardrobe to look sharp instead of mundane isn’t that difficult after all, and it all starts with the dress shirt. Owning and wearing a good-looking dress shirt is crucial to helping any outfit look great. Whether you’re attending a business meeting, an interview, a wedding or even a party, it will never look out of place. Either dress up with a full suit or dress down with some chinos and it will suit any occasion. It is highly versatile and can be paired with many different ties. The white dress shirt is the staple of any wardrobe. Add some colours to your dress shirts, with blue dress shirts also providing a great classic look while adding some colour to your outfit. You wouldn’t want to be wearing white to the office every single day.


  1. The oxford
  • Not to be confused with the dress shirt, the oxfords are slightly less formal than and should not be paired with a suit. However, it provides greater versatility and looks effortlessly stylish on everyone. There’s very little that wouldn’t go well with the button downs. Wear it with a jumper for a casual look or even with a blazer.


  1. The checkered
  • The check shirt is a fantastic for the office or even as your go-to weekend outfit. Dress down with a pair of jeans or even dress up with trousers and you can wear it to the office. Checkered shirts help add character to your formal outfit. This formalwear favorite, depending on the choice of colour, is subtle yet impressive. Not all checks are the same, with a range from tattersall to gingham. The larger the checks and brighter the colours, the more casual it becomes.


  1. The striped
  • The striped shirt is a classic choice. The thickness of the stripes drastically changes the outfit. The wider the stripes, the less formal the outfit. Shirts with thin stripes helps looks equally formal as those plain ones. Also, wearing a vertically striped shirt is flattering to the figure. If you need to dress up, pair your striped shirt with a tailored suit and some monk-strap shoes to truly stand out from the crowd.


  1. The grandad
  • Underrated and unique, the grandad collared shirt is a twist from the norm, yet as easily paired with your wardrobe staples. Switch up your casual outfit with a grandad collared shirt and you’ll immediately notice the difference. Tuck it in with trousers or roll your sleeves and match it with jeans, they are versatile and are able to suit your casual outings with ease.

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