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Earnest's Review - Quiver: The World's First Multi-Bag

By Earnest Collective
09 May 2019

Most multi-functional bags around are either too bulky, too big or too sporty, not suitable for your office carry. Finding the right balance between an office appropriate yet multi-functional bag has been admittedly hard to find. However, Bow seems to have found the all-in-one solution.

What is it? Quiver is a stylish, multi-functional sports bag designed around the lives of athletes, professionals and travelers.

Bow created the Quiver to fit your shoes, workout clothes and water bottle all into one small, cross sling bag. Designed with the portability of a shoe bag but the functionality of much more, the quiver has been a hit since its launch on kickstarter, generating over $60,000 in pre-orders.

Cool features: Quiver’s well thought out designed combined with its many functional compartments allows for it to be used by almost anyone. With a water resistant, padded exterior, it keeps your belonging safe and dry in all conditions. Its reflective icon also helps keep you visible at night. Multiple easy access pockets and water bottle compartment helps ensure you are not constantly having to open your bag in order to reach for some essential belongings.

The Quiver has a detachable strap or handle, allowing for hand or sling carry, whichever is more comfortable for you.

Not only is the Quiver water resistant, it is dirt-resistant as well.

Favourite Feature: Our personal favorite feature is the internal music pouch, with its touch-senstive, waterproof compartment allowing for one to swipe through their favorite playlist while still protecting their device from their sweaty, wet-hands.

Limitations: However, should there be one downside of the bag, it is in its size. It’s functional, compact size has its limitations as well. For those looking for an all in one everyday bag, this might not be the one for you. Should you require to carry your 15-inch laptops around, it will not fit into this bag. Furthermore, the cross-sling carry puts a lot of strain on one shoulder, causing carry fatigue should you be carrying it out for long periods of time.

Who's it for? So, who is this bag suitable for? This bag is suits the working adult looking to carry a set of workout attire for their evening workouts. It is the ultimate gym kit bag. A set of workout attire, a small towel, water bottle and your running shoes will easily fit into this bag. The multiple easy access pockets also allow you to keep everything in place, be it your phone or wallet, and you’ll never have to waste time searching through your backpack for these items again.

Should you buy it? Yes. Not only is this bag super functional, stylish and well built, it comes with an affordable price tag as well. With a price of only $87, it will not burn a hole in your wallet while still ensuring you get a quality, value-for-money product that will last you for a long time.

Get yours now at only $87! Hurry, while stocks last.

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