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By Earnest Collective
09 May 2019

With Christmas and New Year fast approaching, how many parties have you already been invited to? The festive season just around the corner so here’s a simple lookbook as an inspiration for those scratching their heads to put on a new outfit for each party.

Going for a casual yet classy look? Try throwing on an outerwear – a printed shirt or jacket over your classic tees, paired with either jeans or casual chinos.

Make a statement with a plain top paired with plaid-patterned pants. Go bold red for the festivity, or muted blue and grey for normal day-to-day wear. With either dress shoes or loafers, dress things up however you wish.

Want to spice up your current outfits? Consider getting just accessories – ties or bowties with a touch of festivity. You can really be as bizarre as you wish to be.

Even if you’re going for a family gathering, you can still be comfortable but not boring. A few bright points in your classic tee or polo can do the trick.

Want to stick to the theme? Here are some quirky Christmas sweaters and socks to goof up your party:

Formal and classy, or quirky and fun – it really depends on the mood of your party. Dress up for the occasion, but more importantly, dress comfortably. Enjoy your holidays!

Need more inspiration? Check out these links below for specific shopping categories:

- ASOS, Men’s Christmas:|clothing|shop+by+occasion

- ASOS, Party Wear:

- Zara, Christmas Promotions:

- H&M, Men’s Party Wear:

Photos from: Zara, ASOS, H&M,

Post by: Yeo Wei Li

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