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A Lazy Man's Guide To Get In Shape & Stay Healthy

By Earnest Collective
09 May 2019

We all have reasons to not exercise because life is busy and unfortunately, the days are not going to get any longer. But even if you're a busy guy, you can still get into the best shape of your life. It's all about time management and priorities. With some commitment and motivation, it is possible to maintain your physical fitness for years to come!

Before anything else, you need to take a sit and ask yourself these 2 questions. Why do you want to get in shape? What is the reason behind this? Write down a list of things that are beneficial to you when you keep fit.

Tip #1 - Make a Plan (Time management)

Determine the best time in your schedule where you are able to do a short 10-min workout for a start. It could be early in the day before you leave for work, or at the end of the day after work. If this is your first step in making time to exercise or to change your lifestyle, don't limit your workout to it being running or jogging outside of the house as it may deter you from being motivated, especially if you're doing this alone. Working out at home is very easy and can be very beneficial. You can do some push-ups, sit-ups, planking, squats, etc. The possibilities are endless with at home workouts. If you really hate to exercise, the problem may be with your workout, not you. Everyone is different and we enjoy different things, so find something that you enjoy and look forward to.

When you get accustomed to the 10-minute workout, you can increase the duration if your schedule permits. The key is for you to get started and feel motivated!

Tip #2 -  Get Better Nutrition And a Balanced Diet

Maintaining a balanced diet can be difficult if time is an issue. However, with meal prep, you can prepare your entire week's worth of lunch and/or dinner! At our Earnest & Collective office, we're trying to keep things healthier by preparing our entire weeks' lunch and we've even gotten a new microwave especially for this. It's all about putting in some sort of effort and if you're doing it with friends or colleagues, it will keep you motivated and more determined to stick with your plan.

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet can increase energy and productivity, boost your metabolism and make you a happier person because you will be consuming the nutrients and vitamins your body needs without the excessive sodium/sugar and seasoning that you get from food courts, coffee shops or cafes. You will indeed not feel as sleepy and bloated after having your lunch when you consume home cooked food. And on the plus side, it helps you save $$ too!

You can find some meal prep ideas from here:

Tip #3 - Stay Hydrated

The human body is made of about 50-65% of water, and you need to keep replenishing it. Scientists found that drinking 500ml of chilled water boosts metabolism by up to 24 percent for 90 minutes afterwards. If you find that you have difficulty drinking plain old water because it is tasteless and would prefer a little 'flavour', you can add lemon, orange, strawberry slices to your water! If it helps you to feel more 'motivated' to drink up, why not?

Find some fruit-infused water ideas here:

Tip #4 - Get More Sleep

We really recommend not using any electronic devices before bedtime. Start winding down 30 minutes before your bedtime. Instead of browsing through social media or watching videos, you can spend time with your loved ones instead. Lack of sleep adversely affects metabolism, mood, concentration, stress hormones and even the immune system and cardiovascular health. In fact, short sleep duration is associated with a drastically increased risk of weight gain and obesity. An average of eight hours sleep a night is really what you need and you need to keep it consistent. This way you won’t be feeling so sluggish and you'll feel more motivated to stick to your plan.

How do you personally keep yourself in shape healthy? Share it with our community below! :)

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