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9 Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials

By Earnest Collective
09 May 2019

Though seasons come and go, style is eternal. Regardless of how tough it is to figure out your style, there are some wardrobe staples that you need to have. Simple doesn't have to mean boring, the key is to be able to mix and match your outfits! With a solid foundation of basics, you'll make looking fly every day a piece of cake! 


#1 White T-Shirt 

H&M Premium Cotton T-Shirt SG$24.95

It's practical, easy to match and there's honestly nothing more essential than a plain white tee. Wear it under a denim jacket or pair it with jeans or chinos, there's no way it can go wrong.


#2 Pale Blue Button Down Shirt

Zara Light Blue Textured Weave Shirt SG$59.90

The blue dress shirt is the epitome of a 'work shirt'. Research has revealed that men who want a promotion should go to work wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue tie. It suggested that the two tone outfit is the best way to create a good impression in the office. Well, you won't know till you've tried it!


#3 White Button Down Shirt 

Mango Man Slim-fit Cotton Oxford Shirt SG$59.90

Whether it's a formal meeting, a wedding or even a casual day out, a crisp, white button down shirt is the most versatile item in your wardrobe that goes with virtually any occasion.

#4 A Navy Suit

Zara Bi-Stretch Traveller Suit Blazer SG$139 and Trousers SG$69.90

Navy is a versatile choice that can pair with both formal and smart-casual outfits. If you have the budget, get them tailored. 

#5 Dark Blue Jeans

Zara Basic Straight Fit Jeans - SG$49.90

First of all, a good pair of jeans does not require much maintenan
ce - which is already a plus. Secondly, it is a versatile utility piece that you can wear in almost all social situations. 


#6 Khaki Pants 

Mango Man Cotton Chinos - SG$89.90

It's a great alternative for jeans and it's great for all seasons. Wear it with a t-shirt, buttoned down shirt or a jacket, the options are endless.


#7 Denim Jacket

Zara Basic Denim Jacket SG$69.90

It's definitely a versatile essential for a casual look. Works with just as many pieces in your closet as the dark blue jeans.


#8 A Black Pair of Oxfords

Carnegie Oxfords- Black SG$129

Because your suit needs a companion. It's classy and most basic footwear you'll need for any formal events. 


#9 Cream/White Sneakers 

Everleigh Sneakers - Ivory SG$139

A pair of spiffy kicks can be worn with anything from a full suit to jeans and a tee.

Ultimately, the goal is to have a versatile wardrobe with a solid foundation. Always figure out how to put these clothes together to form a good outfit match!

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