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3 Shoes Every Man Should Own

By Earnest Collective
09 May 2019

Shoes are arguably the most important investment a man can make. With the endless choices of shoes that the market has to offer right now, it could be pretty confusing to decide on the 'right' shoes you should get. Your footwear arsenal does not have to be vast but it should be equipped with at least 3 essentials so we're here to solve this occurring conundrum with you today! 


Whether you're going for a meeting, attending a wedding or an interview, there will definitely be an occasion where these formal shoes come to play. It's...pretty much unavoidable. So for starters, whether it's an oxford, derby or double monk straps, you should absolutely have a pair of dress shoes ready in your wardrobe.  


If you've never worn one of these before, we recommend that you try them because it will be the most comfortable pair of shoes you will ever own. These driving loafers began as an ultra high-end item, worn mainly by men wealthy enough to actually purchase shoes just for driving but they’re now considered a part of men’s daily wardrobes. Whether you're wearing these lightweight slip-ons in the day or night, they are versatile and can match with almost every outfit!


This list will not be complete if sneakers were not included. It is considered an absolute essential to any well-dressed man's wardrobe. They will provide solid comfort without a doubt, but it’s the ease of making them coordinate to nearly all your outfits that’s key. Whether you're going for a street-style vibe by wearing them with loose, high-hemmed trousers, or try it with a dressier outfit by throwing on a fitted blazer and some dark washed jeans. They'll look good either way. 

If you can only have 3 shoes, what would your choices be? Share with us in the comment section below! :) 

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