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3 must-haves in your shoe collection

By Earnest Collective
09 May 2019

You’re looking to invest in a pair of leather shoes, or two. Where do you start? There are a wide range of dress shoes out in the market and finding the right one for you might not be easy. The more the options, the harder to choose. Here, we’ll try to narrow down your options depending on your needs.

  1. Black Oxfords

If you were to only own one pair of dress shoes, a pair of black oxfords would definitely be the most suitable. Able to pair formally with a suit, or dressed down with chinos and a shirt, it will be the most versatile shoe in your closet. This pair of oxfords will be ready for your every event where you’ll have to dress up or down. There are many other options for black leather shoes, but the oxfords are the “safest". Try going for a pair with less/no brogueing to keep it as sleek and versatile as possible. Depending on the width of your feet, we’d recommend the non-chiseled versions for one with wider feet and the chiseled for one with slimmer feet.


2. Brown Brogues

Looking for a second pair? Great! There are options aplenty. Getting a brown brogues will help you to switch up your outfit, allowing you to look stunning without the fear of being too colourful. A pair of brown bogues can go with pretty much everything, and it’ll certainly help you not get bored of wearing your pair of black shoes everyday.



3. Loafers

A third pair? Now, we’ve got too many to choose from. With two already super versatile pairs of shoes, your third pair can be one less formal for occasions where you’re not required to dress up. A pair of tassel loafers will surely inject some life into your outfit. For nearly every outfit that isn’t a suit and tie, your tassel loafers will look good with everything. Besides, you can just slip them on without having to tie your laces. A must have.


An alternative to the tassel loafers are the penny loafers, for those who aren’t huge fans of the tassel. Similar to the tassel loafers, the penny loafers will look great with all your outfits, adding a unique element to your shoe collection.

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