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3 Grooming Habits to Feel Your Best

By Earnest Collective
09 May 2019

The times have changed, gone are the days when looking like a real man means looking bedraggled, unkempt and a decade-older version of yourself. We’ve come up with these 3 essential grooming habits that we feel would make a tremendous difference in the way you look and more importantly, in the way you feel. 

1 - A Good Haircut and a Neat Shave

The trick is to be a regular at your barbers. If you’re there for a haircut, be sure to make your following appointment there and then so you no longer have to procrastinate making an appointment for your next grooming session.

Getting a neat shave is easier than it looks unless of course, you’re going for the cave man look. You need just 5-10 minutes while you’re in the bathroom before heading to work.

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2 - Pearly Whites

People notice your teeth more often than you think. Don’t waste those mesmerizing eyes over a set of teeth that hasn’t seen the dentist in months (or years). If you’re a coffee/tea lover like us, start getting into the habit of drinking your caffeine from a straw as it helps to prevent them from getting stained.

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Pearl Drops Restore White
4D Teeth Whitening for Tea & Coffee Drinkers

3 - Signature Scent

Your signature scent should become a subtle part of your overall presence instead of being overpowering. We feel that light and citrus-y scents works best for our summer all-year-round weather in Singapore. But always keep in mind, subtle is key.

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