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Orders and Payment

What are the modes of payments that are accepted?

Can I opt for cash on delivery?

Can I use PayPal to pay?

Do you keep my credit card details?

How will I know my order is confirmed?

How do I go about changing an order?

I would like to cancel my order, what are the procedures?

What if I do not have the order information anymore?

Am I able to cancel my order once it has been shipped?

Can I get a refund as the price has changed since I ordered it?

Can I use more than one promo code when ordering?

I have been overcharged for my order, what should I do?

Returns and Exchange

What are your return and exchange policy?

How do I prepare my item for a return/exchange pick up?

Will charges be incurred for exchange?

Can I get a refund for expedited shipping if my shoes are returned?

What should I do if my refund is incorrect?

Product and Stock

Where can I view these shoes and try the sizes?

Are your shoes Goodyear welted?

Are your shoes made of real leather?

Why do you only restock certain designs and not all?

Can I get a bulk discount when I order more shoes?

Do you have a size chart?

Will the shoes expand?

How will I be notified of where the pop-up store is located this month?

Shipping and Handling

How much is the shipping fee & how long does it take?

Am I able to choose a specific date or timing for delivery?

What if there isn’t anyone at home to receive the shoes?

What should I do if my order has not been delivered?

Do you deliver on weekends?

Can I track my order?

Can my order be delivered to my office?

Do you ship internationally?

Do you provide expedited shipping and how much does it cost?

I keyed in the wrong address, what should I do?

My Rewards

What are Beans?

How much Beans is $1?

How can I join this Rewards Program?

How do I redeem the Beans?

How can I get more Beans?

Is there a minimum number of Beans required before I can redeem them?

What is the maximum amount that I can redeem using Beans?

Does the Beans expire?

International Orders

Do you ship internationally?

Do you provide free international shipping?

What are the international shipping rates?

Do you cover exchange for international orders?

How long will international shipping takes?